My Trend, It Makes No Sense

Yesterday was the second greatest day of my life (ok, slight exaggeration but no sarcasm)! My work day was busy and productive from beginning to end and as the day progressed it just got better and better. Great day.

I did my lab check at noon. Unlike the day before with the mass confusion, I felt really good and confident that my numbers would continue to trend up.

Surprise! My numbers took a step backwards to 46k. Somebody wanna explain that? I mean, seriously. Next lab check and Dr. visit is on Monday.

I celebrated the lab's fascinating news by going on a ride. Absolutely perfect conditions for a ride in December in the canyon. I'm beginning to think platelets are overrated. Loved the ride. Loved it.

Platelets: 46k
(down from 59k two days prior)
meds: 30MG Prednisone (steroid)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ricky, no need to understand the numbers...I guess, just keep it up, whatever IS is, just keep it up, because your awesome, your writing is awesome and I love you!