Mass Confusion Today

I've come to accept that until we get this ITP problem figured out, I'll have good days and bad days. I'm ok with that. For the vast majority of days since I was diagnosed with ITP, some 30 days ago, I have felt mostly good.

Yesterday was challenging. The physical discomfort I felt yesterday induced a level of anxiety and paranoia. I'm not saying I had a terrible day, just rough. I'm surrounded by loving family members, awesome coworkers, and great friends. Even if I wanted to have a bad day, they wouldn't let me.

By the time I got to the lab for my check, I was really nervous. I assumed my platelets were tanking again. I was wrong. My platelets, in fact, climbed and my other levels were in acceptable tolerances. Great news, right? Then why did I feel off yesterday? Confusing.

Speaking of Confusing
We proved this week that we could confuse my antibodies into thinking that there are other things in my body that they should interested in. At least I think that's what we proved. See, now I'm starting to get confused.

Key learning of the week: after just four days, I'm willing to concede that the steroid I started Saturday knocked me for a loop. So we're saying bye to the Dexamethasone and going back to the Prednisone. Have I mentioned how much I hate these steroids?

The medical team needs a day to digest yesterday's results and come up with a revised game plan. I'll see the team tomorrow for an update.

Platelets: 59k
(up from 48k two days prior)
meds: 30MG Prednisone (steroid)

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