Game On!

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been very diligent in posting. Ok, I haven't been diligent at all - I haven't posted since mid-December. In December my platelets were way low and bouncing up and down like a super ball. I was trying one treatment after the next and it flat-out wore me out. I had to walk away. I'll tell you about that junk later.

I've felt really good for the last month and getting out on rides regularly. Yesterday was a breakthrough day. Rick S, Dug, and I rode Corner Canyon. Dug captured the experience in a [long] video. I haven't felt this comfortable on a bike since October 2011. By the way, for you locals, Corner Canyon has never been better. Enjoy the ride.

Platelets: 224k (as of March 14, 2012) 
meds: 80MG Dexamethasone (steroids)

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