This Note Got To Me :: From the Altar

Those of you who roll in the UC (Utah County) are familiar with the Rock Pile, which over the years has also been referred to as the Altar. All great trails that originate in the UC ultimately end up at and go through the Altar. At the Altar we pay our respects and say our prayers. When we're done catching our breath we roll on. I never expected to be on the Altar but I'm grateful Brandon put me on it. I think it's the reason my platelets jumped up 2k yesterday. Thank you, Brandon.

Brandon Literally Put Me On the Altar Yesterday and I Had A Sudden 2k Platelet Boost
Photo Credit: Brandon Smith

From Brandon's Saturday post

Platelets: 28k
(Up from 26k earlier in the morning)
Meds: 40MG Dexamethasone (Steroid)



KanyonKris said...

The perfect show of support. Well done, Brandon!

I'm hoping this platelet thing gets sorted out soon.

jonelmo said...

This was classy, and cool. Alter never looked better. Hang in there Ricky.

South County Ciclista said...

Happy it helped.

Kristina Carter said...

Glad to catch up. Now that I have your address I can stay in touch.

We are thinking of you and loving you. I am sorry and though MS is not the same I have "enjoyed" a lot of the same experiences. You're in our prayers.