The Snowpack Changes Everything

Riding outside in January is bonus in these parts. Normally this time of year I’m either suffering on the indoor spinner or packing on some unwelcome pounds. This January has been different. My buddies and I have been able to ride outside nearly every day.

Squaw Peak Road, just inside Provo Canyon in Utah County, is a four-mile, 1,700-foot gain gem. Because the road’s closed in the winter, it’s a popular spot for snowmobiles and ATVs. The snowpack created by these machines, combined with the freezing elements, make it possible to reach the lookout point on bike. The bike of choice for this snow-packed route is a single-speed mountain bike with tires set at 15-20psi. The upside of the ss is that with only one gear, nothing can disturb the drive train. The downside is that it hurts.

Miles has not only elevated his speed and other essential riding skills, he has also developed unique on-the-fly filming skills. His latest creation is here. Once again he has captured what it feels like to ride in the UC.

Winter Riding from atomicmiles on Vimeo.

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