Quality Rides and Quality Riders...in November

I’m amazed at how many sweet local rides I’ve been able to do in November. NOVEMBER. The Timp Foothill Trails have been above average the entire month and on some days they have been better than they are in peak season. Another thing that amazes me is how many riders have been attending the local lunch rides. I have not ridden alone the entire month, except today, which was a Dry Loop TT day for me (45:00, if you're keeping score at home).

The riders come from various walks of life. On most days there has been a set group of riders, whose occupational profiles consist of the following: account execs, product managers, corporate counsel, investment and lending experts, small business owners, real estate title executive, emergency room doctor, and a student (who’s supposed to be working on a document to submit in support of candidature for a degree presenting his research and findings. In other words, he’s working on his master’s thesis…wink wink). Here’s the thing, in addition to hooking up with the regulars, throughout the month it has been common to meet riders who simply jumped in for a one-off lunch ride.

At the foundation of all this is our common interest in bicycles, dirt, road, and inventing alternative uses for CarboRocket. In fact, thanks to my good friend Brad at CR, here’s a little challenge with a sweet prize.

Be the first person to match these people, who represent the riders commonly seen cranking on the Timp Foothill Trails at lunch, with the occupational profiles above and win a large, 25-serving package of CarboRocket. Guess, win, then rub yourself down with CarboRocket. Its super wellness powers are one of its best kept secrets. Riders: Kenny, Dan, Rick S, Brandon, Mike Y, Keith, Miles, Dave B, Adam, and Aaron.


KanyonKris said...

I tried the quiz, but only knew about half - fail.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Account exec = Rick S.
Product Mgr = Ricky M.
Corp Counsel = Aaron
Inv and lend exprt = Keith
Small biz owner = Kenny
Title exec = Brandon
ER Doc = Mike Y
Student = Dan

South County Ciclista said...

Acc. Exe = Rick S.
Acc. Exe = Dave B.
Pro. Mgr = Ricky M.
Small Biz = Kenny
Title = Brandon
Er = Mike Y
Intern = Dan
Inv. experts = Keith
Lending expert = Miles
pro. mgr = Adam